Check Groundhog Day 2017 Results - Did the groundhog see his shadow today (year 2017).. Did phil see his shadow 2017? and groundhog predictions from usa and canada.

Did The Groundhog See His Shadow 2017 - Groundhog Day

groundhog day shadow
Will groundhog see his shadow today? What are groundhog day 2017 results? and What did the groundhog see today? Winter will end soon or do we have to wait more for spring? These questions are in everyone's mind and asking. And that's I decided to go myself in Groundhog day 2017 to witness myself, record and show you also did the groundhog see his shadow today or not. Enjoy!

Did the Groundhog See his Shadow 2017?

Yes, groundhog see his shadow this year under bulb light of 45 watts and, Punxsutawney Phil died today after seeing his shadow in 2017 on commode.

The Groundhog day is a national level holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada on 2nd February of each year. Groundhog day is fun event based on the behaviour of groundhog, a rodent widespread locally. Groundhog day was first time celebrated in 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. In an event, groundhog has to come out of his burrow to see his shadow. If the weather is clear and shiny then groundhog will probably see his shadow and by fear will go back to his burrow. Groundhog's this action indicates that the winter will remain for six more weeks. In opposite, when weather is cloudy and groundhog see's not his shadow and move on instead of going back to burrow predicts the sooner end of winter.

groundhog day shadow

does groundhog see his shadow today

Direct access to 'Groundhog Day 2017 video', Groundhog Day 2017 in Georgia, Atlanta, Canada, new York, Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc. Checkout groundhogs day 2017 live event coverage.
Since from last few years, many communities in both countries (North America and Canada) celebrate groundhog day event on their own. In recent year, 34 groundhogs day 2015 individual celebrations has been reported. The most popular Groundhog event among all is of Punxsutawney Phil in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

When is Groundhog Day 2017?

Groundhogs day 2017 in United States and Canada will be occur on Thursday, 2nd February, 2017.

Did the Groundhog See his Shadow 2017

At the moment, I'm writing this, few minutes left in Groundhog day 2017 event to start and to know did groundhog see his shadow in 2017. In below section prediction video recording and results become accessible as groundhog sees his shadow or enjoys weather. :)